Day 3 of blogging and I am already in the frame of mind to take a break from all the talk about health and well-being. So I am sitting here and thinking – apart from online ranting, what is the one thing that makes me happy? Answer – Movies.

These are all feel good movies I watch to de-stress on a cloudy day. Not only do they de-stress me, but also inspire me to a certain extent. Inspiring movies don’t have to be stereotypical serious biographies of a single hero against the world. Sometimes the most unexpected  movies have the power to lift your spirits. Plus I want to applaud Bollywood for making these movies. I don’t know if it’s the fact that Bollywood has evolved in the last few years or that while living abroad watching Bollywood movies feels like a hug from mom, but my appreciation for Indian movies is at its peak. Here is my comfort movie list –

1. Piku – I have seen this movie at least a 1000 times. On the face of it this movie is about shit, literally SHIT. But through the complex character of Piku, the movie shows you everything a woman can be – a strong independent free thinking woman, who can as naturally be nurturing towards her family. And the most important thing which probably went unnoticed is how vocal she is that she still craves companionship and a desire to be married. Today the world has separated marriage and independence as if they cannot mutually exist. My favorite part however is when she decides one fine day that she wants a break and would like to take indefinite time off work. Love that! Even my husband loves to unwind with this movie. Maybe because he is from Kolkata, where the movie is based, and can understand the nuances of being Bengali. It totally makes us want to go back home, back to our roots. Or maybe because he sees a little bit of us in the central characters of Piku and Rana. But the main reason this movie tops my list is solely due to Amitabh Bachchan. Please make my blog viral so that it reaches him and he wants to meet me. Please fulfill the wishes of this anxiety ridden girl (have to use it to my advantage some day).

2. Dolly ki Doli – ok, don’t judge the book by its cover. This is one of the funniest movies I have seen, and it can instantly make you feel good. While all the actors are amazing to watch (including the dadi – you will have to watch it to know what I mean), it is the atypical Bollywood ending that puts this movie on my list. I don’t like being a hater, but I know Sonam Kapoor can discourage a lot of people from watching this movie. Trust me, I have forced friends from all walks of life to watch this movie, and not one person has been disappointed till date. Shout out to Manjot’s father in the movie – what a cutie!

3. Monsoon Wedding – The movie touches upon so many debatable topics in Indian society. From arranged marriage to extra marital affairs to dowry to child abuse. These issues would make any typical movie depressing. But not this movie! Mira Nair somehow subtly showcases all this but in such a heart warming manner that you don’t even understand why you have been left feeling happy. Naseerudin Shah and Shefali Shah portray inspiring characters of Lalit and Rhia who show the courage to stand up for themselves. The soundtrack also makes me believe Mira Nair is my musical soul sister. I hope this blog reaches her too so that she can share her playlist with me. The background music makes me nostalgic about Delhi where I have spent most of my life, while the movie itself takes me back to my own Big Fat Punjabi (part Marwari) Wedding! Only catch is that I’m not sure if it qualifies to be a Bollywood movie, but in my books it does!

4. English Vinglish – So the central theme of this movie is Sridevi learning English on her own accord which she sees as her path to gaining confidence. But what’s funny is that in the end it’s not the English that gives her confidence, but the fact that she did it all by herself. Of course the attention she got from a french dude helped along the way! Few movies talk about helping yourself and the importance of feeling good. The daughter is super annoying though, I guess which means she played her role well. But don’t miss how inspirational the smaller characters of Sridevi’s elder sister and niece, Radha, are.

5. Zindagi na Milegi Dobara – If you have read my previous blog, you know how important I think time with friends and travelling is for de-stressing. This movie combines both! It’s an uncomplicated road movie with breathtaking locations and a stellar cast. Inspired me to book a trip to Spain, but then I came back to reality and booked Portugal instead since it was cheaper. If this movie doesn’t make you want to take a holiday, I don’t know what will. But surprisingly the most inspirational character is that of Katrina Kaif, living life on her own terms and actually shown saving over-stressed and over-worked Hritik Roshan. But even better than that is Imran’s poetry which I often listen to feel better. Link below

That’s it for now! I’m off to watch Piku for the 1041st time. Please watch these movies if you haven’t already, or share the ones which brighten your day.


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